The Directors and key staff of Kascon have worked together since 2006. The recent formation of the group is a culmination of our staff’s hard work and the divergence of our capacity to perform civil and landscape works from our construction lineage. We have a pro-active and multi-disciplined approach to our business activities. Our pursuit of professional excellence in project delivery is achieved with the application of sound technical expertise and proficient project supervision by our key personnel.


Dane Kasunic completed a Bachelor of Architecture in 1999 and soon after commenced working for Architects Ring and Associates where he began his design career. Dane migrated to Douse Norwood architects and during his 6 year tenure successfully aided in the design and supertendancy of numerous residential and commercial construction projects up to the value of $30m. His work as an Architect and close involvement with the construction industry from a young age also lead Dane to develop into a proficient licenced builder. Now from an architect’s perspective, he has a profound understanding in the importance to deliver design intent and a high level of detail in construction. Since the establishment of Kascon, this expertise has enabled him to act in a true design/build role and offer an invaluable perspective on the successful delivery of all projects. Dane is one of few local architects that has a capacity to act in a true design/build role. Since establishing Kascon, Dane has steadily and strategically grown the group, such that it has now harmoniously branched into the area of civil works, landscape works and equipment hire.

Tomislav Kasunic – DIRECTOR

Tomislav Kasunic completed studies in Medical Science at the Australian National University in 2006. Divergent to his field of study, Tomislav soon after commenced working for a family owned carpentry and construction company. The experience he gained working on residential and commercial projects proved invaluable to his establishment as a professional in the construction industry. He has become an experienced and well organised resource who has a proven ability to manage large complex projects. Since establishing Kascon, he has developed the day to day systems from the ground up to ensure the group has successfully delivered a wide range of projects for both government and private clients. Tomislav continues to develop his professional capabilities and is undertaking bachelor studies in construction management, as well as specialised studies in concrete swimming pool construction.