Niroc Residence

Work in progress

Project Category: Residential | Architect: Steven Cetrtek Architect

A contemporary residence with sweeping views of North Canberra, located at the top of Dryandra Street. The minimalist design is a strong expression that plays with form and scale through alternating materials of horizontal elements. The boldness extends into the home through the use of timber cladding and expressive surface finishes. With well-planned interiors, the architect was able to capture the panoramic views of North Canberra and an abundance of natural light.

The steep sloping site with minimal access and double storey to the rear posed difficulties during the construction period. Safety risks were mitigated to ensure no incidents on site. The façade was constructed from a combination of masonry, Styrofoam and silver top Ash. In using a combination of materials with varying thicknesses and fixing systems, it was important material junctions were flashed correctly and planned out to ensure a water tight finish whilst maintaining the architectural proportions.